Sunday, August 28, 2016

Episode 3: Prelude to Fall 2016 Semester

     I am only a few hours away from the beginning of my Fall Semester at Great Basin College. Once this semester is completed, I will be over the half-way point to achieving my BA in Secondary Education. I have completed all of my English, Mathematics, and basic History requirements thus far (Oh don't worry, there will be PLENTY of higher level History classes coming up!). Classes up until now have been fairly simple with the exception of a handful. Those handful include Psychology of Education, Statistics, as well as a few others. Success found in the remaining the classes so far has basically been broken down into the following formula:

Read Text >>> Watch/Listen to Lecture >>> Complete Homework >>> Study >>> Quiz >>> Repeat

     This year though, provides some new challenges. The first challenge being that I am taking three science classes, and one social science class. One of those science classes along with the social science classes are higher end classes for integrative studies. The second challenge provided is that one of these classes is a live class at the end of my work day, which in the past has been difficult due to general exhaustion. It is no doubt that Sunday and Tuesday nights are going to need to be early bed times. The third challenge is the cost of college is steadily increasing, which is making it harder to afford without the dreaded student loans. I can probably talk about the costs of the textbooks, but anyone else who has been in college understands that steep bill. (New video game or Statistics book?) Fourth, which has nothing to do with school but indefinitely effects it, is work. Work has become increasingly rougher in the past few weeks. I'd like to leave it that that.

     In other words, my earlier formula may need to be something along the lines of:

Read Text >>> Study >>> Watch/Listen to Lecture >>> Critically Think >>> Display Strong Knowledge >>> Power Nap >>> Study >>> Complete Homework >>> Study >>> Quiz >>>  Display Observable Behaviors >>> Dream About It >>> Lay Awake At Night About It >> Question Myself >>> Answer Myself >>> Repeat. 

     This sort of reminds me of learning the Titan Extreme fight from FFXIV before the level cap was risen.

      Welp, let's how this goes.

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