Sunday, August 28, 2016

Episode 3: Prelude to Fall 2016 Semester

     I am only a few hours away from the beginning of my Fall Semester at Great Basin College. Once this semester is completed, I will be over the half-way point to achieving my BA in Secondary Education. I have completed all of my English, Mathematics, and basic History requirements thus far (Oh don't worry, there will be PLENTY of higher level History classes coming up!). Classes up until now have been fairly simple with the exception of a handful. Those handful include Psychology of Education, Statistics, as well as a few others. Success found in the remaining the classes so far has basically been broken down into the following formula:

Read Text >>> Watch/Listen to Lecture >>> Complete Homework >>> Study >>> Quiz >>> Repeat

     This year though, provides some new challenges. The first challenge being that I am taking three science classes, and one social science class. One of those science classes along with the social science classes are higher end classes for integrative studies. The second challenge provided is that one of these classes is a live class at the end of my work day, which in the past has been difficult due to general exhaustion. It is no doubt that Sunday and Tuesday nights are going to need to be early bed times. The third challenge is the cost of college is steadily increasing, which is making it harder to afford without the dreaded student loans. I can probably talk about the costs of the textbooks, but anyone else who has been in college understands that steep bill. (New video game or Statistics book?) Fourth, which has nothing to do with school but indefinitely effects it, is work. Work has become increasingly rougher in the past few weeks. I'd like to leave it that that.

     In other words, my earlier formula may need to be something along the lines of:

Read Text >>> Study >>> Watch/Listen to Lecture >>> Critically Think >>> Display Strong Knowledge >>> Power Nap >>> Study >>> Complete Homework >>> Study >>> Quiz >>>  Display Observable Behaviors >>> Dream About It >>> Lay Awake At Night About It >> Question Myself >>> Answer Myself >>> Repeat. 

     This sort of reminds me of learning the Titan Extreme fight from FFXIV before the level cap was risen.

      Welp, let's how this goes.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Episode 2: Ok, so why start a blog?

     As mentioned in a previous entry, I have been working towards my teaching degree for roughly three years at this point. I did not make the decision haphazardly though. Teaching is something I considered for many years. At one point I began to investigate thoroughly online though blog posts, YouTube videos, and other online sources. The problem I ran into was that there was very few blogs or videos featuring high school teachers who I could compare myself to. Many of the medias I had found were mostly primary education teachers. While many of them did have some great advice, were not supplying me with enough information about secondary education. The few high school teachers I did find talked or wrote like they were being interviewed. It's not to say that there was NO other options, there were a few great ones. YouTube user JedmondFish has a great assortment of teaching videos. The one below is one of my favorites:

     That leads me to the next question in which I had to ask myself prior to starting this blog. "So why start a blog? What is the point?" Well, I can break down that point into bullet points. (Yes, it's ok to be a Word Nerd. That rhymed. Awesome." 

  • To openly talk about my journey, experiences, trails, and tribulations with those who may be interested in the career, student teachers, or those veteran teachers who may be interested in what I have to discuss.
  • To discuss lesson plans, ideas, classroom management skills, ect. with others both who and who are not in education.
  • To give myself a recorded version of my journey. Something I would like to look back at one day and say, "Wow, poor young fool." (Just kidding on that last part!)
  • I want to help people make connections with history, the political process, and how the nation runs. While much of my youth was spent avoiding politics, I realized as I got older how hard it is to lead and make decisions for many. I feel that everyone should know how it works. 
  • Anything else that may come up!
      So, why not start a blog?

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Episode 1: Let's Finally Make the First Post!

"You spent four years getting out of high-school, Marc. Why on Earth do you want to go back?"

     It has been roughly 3 years or so since I was first asked this question. My answer at the time was something along the lines of "It sounds like it'll keep my interested." From that point I would begin working towards a new goal. The path to this goal would require me to not only change the direction my life was heading in, but also push through my social barrier. Here I was, 31 (or 32??), high school drop out, possibly dead-end career, and partially goalless. The only things I had going for me was my wonderful fiance and my kid. Though not through the traditional means, I was lucky enough to be accepted as a father to my fiance's child. I can take a second and tell you: there is nothing more wonderful then to be accepted for such a great role. 

     It has been roughly 3 years, though it feels like longer. I blew through my remaining high school credits at the local adult education center, Pathways. Thanks to the on premise teacher Mr. Brown, the  school councilor, who would later become a friend, Mr. Abbiss, and the rest of the staff their I was able to graduate with valedictorian status a short while later. From there I began my college career at Great Basin's Pahrump location. Unable to take the full 15 credits due to time and financial restraints, it has taken me a little over two years to get where I am now. Fall Semester begins in a few weeks, but once it is completed I will be over my halfway mark. A little under 60 credits will remain between myself and my Bachelors of Education. 

     It has been roughly 3 years, and I can state the same answer. Teaching does sound like the type of job that would keep me interested. It would be something that would always be a challenge. It is always changing, evolving, and growing - something I wish to do as well along side of it. Finally, I know between all the meetings, issues, and drama also comes fun. I can do fun.

     This blog will follow me through the next few years and I become a student teacher and finally a teacher in secondary education. The next post I will possible begin to talk about classes that I have already taken towards this degree, and give you a better idea of where I am in the program. If you have  Look out world, I'm coming to teach some history!