Friday, August 12, 2016

Episode 2: Ok, so why start a blog?

     As mentioned in a previous entry, I have been working towards my teaching degree for roughly three years at this point. I did not make the decision haphazardly though. Teaching is something I considered for many years. At one point I began to investigate thoroughly online though blog posts, YouTube videos, and other online sources. The problem I ran into was that there was very few blogs or videos featuring high school teachers who I could compare myself to. Many of the medias I had found were mostly primary education teachers. While many of them did have some great advice, were not supplying me with enough information about secondary education. The few high school teachers I did find talked or wrote like they were being interviewed. It's not to say that there was NO other options, there were a few great ones. YouTube user JedmondFish has a great assortment of teaching videos. The one below is one of my favorites:

     That leads me to the next question in which I had to ask myself prior to starting this blog. "So why start a blog? What is the point?" Well, I can break down that point into bullet points. (Yes, it's ok to be a Word Nerd. That rhymed. Awesome." 

  • To openly talk about my journey, experiences, trails, and tribulations with those who may be interested in the career, student teachers, or those veteran teachers who may be interested in what I have to discuss.
  • To discuss lesson plans, ideas, classroom management skills, ect. with others both who and who are not in education.
  • To give myself a recorded version of my journey. Something I would like to look back at one day and say, "Wow, poor young fool." (Just kidding on that last part!)
  • I want to help people make connections with history, the political process, and how the nation runs. While much of my youth was spent avoiding politics, I realized as I got older how hard it is to lead and make decisions for many. I feel that everyone should know how it works. 
  • Anything else that may come up!
      So, why not start a blog?

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